Peer-review Policy

Peer-Review Policy

The Journal of Spine Practice uses a double-blind peer-review process involving at least two independent external reviewers. The double-blind procedure means that neither authors nor reviewers are aware of each other's identity during the process. The peer-review process takes place prior to publication and is facilitated by the journal. All interactions between reviewers and authors are mediated by the editors.

The reviews are owned by the journal and are not published.

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the academic quality of the publication process, including final acceptance decisions, approval of Guest Editors and special issue topics, and the appointment of Editorial Board members.

The peer-review process of The Journal of Spine Practice follows the Ethical Guidelines of Peer Reviewers established by the Committee on Publication Ethics. Submission of articles to the journal does not guarantee acceptance. Although the journal aims to conduct an efficient peer-review process, we cannot guarantee a specific time in which a decision to be made.